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Everything to transform and secure your business now and into the future is here. A rich toolkit of design and build, digital marketing, as well as maintenance and compliance services. But more importantly, the skills and advice in applying these services to best effect; to ultimately achieve your goals.

Web design and development

Seamless applications, intuitive navigation and brand-rich reality for purpose-built, online business solutions that deliver delight to customers and users. We’ll always look to transform using technology. That’s just what we do.

Web design and development

Our focus is on your business goals. Design will be superb and you’ll get nothing that does not fit to achieve the solution, and everything that does. We build superior websites that are accessible and easy-to-use in web standard XHTML and CSS, complying with W3C standards.

Content management

Our content management system makes keeping your website up-to-date and fresh, quick and easy. A simple interface allows non-technical users to change text, images, add pages and remove pages. Every client receives free remote training on the system.


Set ambitious targets. Our e-commerce specialists will help you achieve them. We will sort and analyse your data, using it as the intelligence to create an irresistible experience for your customer with the intelligent, compliant integration to go with it, including any smartphone applications required.

Online applications

From your existing site or one we build for you, we provide the perfect enablement of your business functions. Booking management, stock control, grant allocation, feedback collation: we build systems that integrate, including any API and enabling smartphone applications.


By consulting with us, businesses are presented with ideas for what’s possible. Nothing is off-the-table. We can advise on using technology to improve process, compliance, engage and reach a wider audience and make your customers’ experience of you amazing.

Web design and development
Digital marketing

Digital marketing

You’ll get maximum output from targeted, SEO-intelligent email and social media marketing. Content-creation experts will turn your brand offer and experience into the standout-communication your customers can’t wait to engage with.

Content creation

Need help creating one-off or ongoing content so the search engines can find you relevant and appealing? Either for a website we’ve built or your existing website, we are brand content experts and can produce results-driven written content, photography and illustration, animation and video.

Email marketing

Unlike other email marketing systems, ours incurs only a one-off fee. This means you have the potential for unlimited campaigns, with other vital functions such as spam testing, reports on who opened your messages, who clicked on what and what wasn’t delivered as well as diarised, automatic mailing.

Search engine optimisation

We build websites with search engines in mind so you’re off to a good start. For ongoing rankings success, we will boost you further with continued support for keyword research, copywriting and content creation, link-building and online PR. We will track your results and implement up-to-date algorithm development to create and further your SEO strategy.

Online social engagement

Do you want to engage your audience across all your channels on a regular basis? Perhaps you don’t have the time to create the amount of quality written, image and video content this would take. Our setup and management of your social media platforms, including chatbots to handle standard customer interactions, will save you time, and increase engagement and reach.

Maintenance and compliance

One-off and regular technical maintenance will improve the quality, safety and reliability of your online operation. We are experts in cyber security, GDPR, business continuity and risk planning for all businesses and organisations.

Digital maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance for your website and hosted functions, whether Cultrix Digital have built them or not, is effective for your long-term innovation. Workshops to brainstorm ideas help you stay ahead of the game, employ the latest tech and address any changes required in your systems.

Technical services

We can advise on what you need as appropriate to your systems. One-off services may include: troubleshooting, optimisation, sanitisation and security. But you may also need to run regular services such as quality and vulnerability scanning, bug fixing, updates and SSL certification. We also provide higher level SSL certification if that’s more appropriate for your industry.


If you’re a design or marketing agency that needs the technical knowhow to bring your concept to life, we can help. If you don’t know your CSS from your CMS or you’re confused when it comes to coding, we will get you to an end solution that will be your own. Design and build website/solution; design and build email marketing and SEO; social media channel creation, chatbot build and management; and, PPC build and management are all available as outsourced services.


Provided by our own Cultrix technicians, our quality hosting ensures 99.99% uptime. If you need 100% uptime guaranteed, we can provide it with mirrored hosting. Our hosting has a high standard of security and infrastructure, and is backed by our own service desk.

Maintenance and compliance

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