Comply Direct

Comply Direct are a government-approved producer compliance scheme who take on the legal obligation of companies obligated by UK waste legislation, as well as providing waste material recycling and carbon management solutions.

Cultrix Digital broke down and analysed the raw business functions of Comply Direct’s operation to build, from the ground up, an intelligent solution for their member login portal allowing each aspect to run seamlessly and integrated together, and provide the user with a more satisfying, interactive experience.

Comply Direct needed a solution to transform their operation from manual functions, such as clients completing and submitting spreadsheets, and have a real, tangible impact on their clients. The result is a system that is now incredibly efficient in its automation, and not only maximises performance and reduction of membership costs, but makes involvement for the client a reliable and rewarding interaction.

Comply Direct website on iPad

“Our member account areas are innovative, uncluttered, simple to navigate and ultimately add value. Our online systems allow our members to submit their data in a streamlined, user-friendly manner, update their own company details, browse and download previous data submissions, and complete surveys. Data submissions could not be simpler and members benefit from online verification checks that help them submit data that is deemed to be as accurate as reasonably possible.”

Comply Direct

Our work with Comply Direct is a good example of truly integrated working with the client, to design and build a transformational online application. There is nothing present that is not needed and plenty that could not have been previously foreseen that was needed. Without the exercise of building up from the absolute basics and really focusing on the client-led business functions of the operation, many of the vital aspects could have been missed, and a solution built that is nowhere near as client-focused as the result.

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