DeltaStyling, a trading name of Carlton Motor Sport Limited, are specialists in car body styling, designing and providing custom-made body kits and car parts.

DeltaStyling wanted to move away from their site of an off-the-shelf opencart system that was not delivering the sales results and customer satisfaction they needed to grow their business. The order to Cultrix Digital was to build and deliver a website that provided a customer shopping experience of high quality and with as much automation as possible for the client.

We helped DeltaStyling in obtaining as much information as possible from the company we were taking over from, such as domain and data, and got to work on the design of a new website and the redesign of their company logo so suit. Substantial data in the form of product codes and page content had to be migrated so it wouldn’t have to be manually re-entered by the client and they worked alongside us in the CMS to check this and bring any areas up to date.

Delta Styling website on iPad

“Excellent job on this, I don't think I've used a site where it is so easy and straightforward to transact online!!! I’m really thrilled and can’t thank you all at Cultrix enough. It’s fantastic and absolutely spot on!”

Gillian Wright, Delta Styling

Cultrix Digital has a particular talent for being able to build from scratch automated bespoke systems so when it came to shipping, our abilities came to the fore. International shipping of a multitude of products that vary in size, shape and weight is complex but we developed a system that still allows customers to obtain a price on-demand, checkout quickly and in full even when the shipping is TBC.

At Cultrix Digital we always attack a website from a standards point of view, so that's adhering as much as possible to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and of course, listening to the client about what exactly they need. The end result for DeltaStyling is a site that is great for customers to browse and buy from, and an ever-increasing amount of orders month on month.

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