Enable2 provide interpreting and translation for public sector services, such as the NHS, and social and housing support.

Cultrix Digital created a website with two sides; one side to showcase the people-focused, language support services Enable2 provide, and a ‘portal’ side, to fully automate administration of bookings, compliance requirements and allow clients to self-serve and have control over their bookings as much as possible, as well as use a video-interpreting system.

Enable2 take over 350 booking requests a day, every day of the year. The new website and solution also handle, what was, an increasing administrative workload. A previous website had limited technical support, and incurred substantial costs for changes, along with burdensome, manual processes for a rapidly growing number of bookings. A solution has enabled this community-serving company to concentrate on what it does best, supporting people who need language assistance.

With the increasing use of online video-conference interpreting as a cost-effective means of language support, Cultrx Digital built a custom solution, allowing costs to be kept low as Enable2 only pay for actual use. The solution utilises a secure connection, with a much-improved quality of video to that previously used.

Enable2 website on iPad

“Enable2 is an organisation that’s all about people; their brand is reliability, trust and a professional service provided by friendly, knowledgeable people. We wanted to make the website all about that by empowering their clients so they have control over and full visibility of their bookings and, therefore, costs. As well as securely deliver interpreting via video-conference call, a service that is increasingly in demand.”

Adrian Blackham, Web Designer Cultrix Digital

Clients can now use the secure, web-based system themselves and enter any interpreter criteria they need, or request a specific interpreter. The system then matches a range of criteria, such as, language, gender (if requested) and availability (allowing for holidays, working hours, existing appointments, distance and any safeguarding criteria), then offering the booking out to all the interpreters that fit the criteria. A dashboard displays this information, while the system sends out new booking alert emails. The first to respond then gets the job.

Also, importantly, in an industry that has rigorous standards of compliance, such as interpreters’ qualifications, DBS, right to work and security clearance, the system stores all interpreters’ compliance documentation securely and alerts Enable2 to any renewals required, enabling compliance audits to be carried out with ease. 

Reporting too has also been revolutionised into clear, customer-friendly format, with full financial breakdown and information enabling clients as well as Enable2 to study trends in bookings and identify areas for service improvement for clients. An invaluable tool that has already enabled savings to be made for the local council and NHS trust clients.

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