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Mortgage Advice Hub

Mortgage Advice Hub are whole of market mortgage advisors who came to Cultrix Digital for a well-designed, SEO-powered website that not only generates leads but has a way to automate customer correspondence.

We redesigned the entire look and feel of the website to be more appealing and intuitive to browsers, as well as clearly written, for what can otherwise be inaccessible information about financial products. The site was optimised for SEO, with copy structured around searchable phrases, and meta tags completed.

As a result, the website is achieving exactly what Mortgage Advice Hub needed – to generate more relevant mortgage enquiries and leads. They’ve even had to expand the team to take on further advisers, to deal with the increased amount of leads they now receive.

Couple moving home

“We’ve shot up in search engine rankings and grown the workforce as a result. This and the CRM system, from a business point of view is fantastic. The system sends automatic emails and text messages to our leads and customers, and effectively manages their journey with us, from initial enquiry right through to application process, without advisers having to spend time manually doing this. We are, quite honestly, delighted with it. Feedback from our advisers and customers has been nothing but positive.”

Craig Boden, Principal, Mortgage Advice Hub

If Mortgage Advice Hub’s admin and lead process changes, the CRM system can simply be adjusted and added to as required. It is completely flexible according to their needs; managing the ‘flow’ of enquiries and the customer relationship according to what they want to achieve.

“Our CRM systems are built entirely bespoke, according to the processes that will best serve our client’s customers. We examine the process from the customer’s point of view. In terms of service delivery, and efficiencies for staff, a well-built CRM achieves so much.” Shaun Wilders, Managing Director, Cultrix

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